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know me

I'm an intimate wedding + couples photographer based out of Minneapolis, MN. While most of my work takes place in Minnesota, I love making travel possible for my midwest and out of state couples! A few favorite places I've traveled to for my couples have been CA, FL, AZ, and Italy!

I believe that, in being a Christian, my faith plays a huge role in who I am as a person and as a professional. My faith influences my approach to weddings and couples because I try to always bring a sense of joy, peace, and compassion to every project I undertake.

I am a 6w5 on the enneagram, a big house-plant gal, and at the moment I've been really loving DIY home renovations with my husband. My toxic trait is definitely thinking we can take on any DIY and it'll turn out good, no matter how little we know about the subject haha

When I'm not working on my next house project, you can probably find me trying my hand at latte art or doing anything I can to be outside in nature, no matter the season or weather!

Hey! I'm Kjerstin

A lot of my inspiration comes from emotions, music, and my surroundings. I feel the happiest when my work brings on a certain feeling of nostalgia and emotion, kind of like the feeling you get looking at old home videos! I love when my couples can look at their photos and be fully transported to that moment and what they were feeling. It's truly such a gift to be able to serve my couples in this way.

I'm not usually the most outgoing person in the room, I'd much rather be a fly on the wall when I can, so getting to know my couples and telling their story is why I love this job so much! My approach to photography compliments this because I usually lean more towards a documentary style in shooting things as they happen naturally. I do this through a good mix of poses and prompts in order to authentically capture who you are as a couple as well as knowing when to back off to let you interact naturally. I don't want your photos to look like anyone else's because your relationship is fully unique to you two!

How I work

  • Early mornings - I'm a big night-owl!
  • Biting ice cream is like nails on a chalk board to me
  • Honestly, hot take, but... bacon.
  • Scary movies :S
  • Black coffee
  • SoulCycle/Ride type classes


  • Sitting in the garage during a thunderstorm - IYKYK
  • Dogs. Always dogs.
  • Binge watching The Office or the classic cringey reality shows like Love is Blind, Selling Sunset, and The Bachelor.
  • My go-to playlists: Usually anything indie. However - I do love blasting Journey, QUEEN, and basically anything from my emo kid era. I'm all over the board with music!
  • Catch me with a sour beer at any brewery